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Hello beautiful people!  If you follow my social media (if you dont then shame on you..I'll post the links below) then you already know that my youtube channel has been picked up by!  Plenty Pennies is a website that is a host site for African American web series.  Its a great place to go when everything on tv is boring.  Check it out!

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Oldie but Goodie: My Collab with Fashion Parkway

Ok so this post is waaaaaaay overdue.  I just realized I never did a blog post about working with Fashion Parkway for the first time (in January)!  This was also my first time doing makeup for a mini fashion film! I have to say it came out really awesome and I was impressed![youtube]

The requested makeup look was dark smokey eyes and  soft pinky-nude lips.  Which I think went perfect for the whole look.  What do you think?

Designer Tatiana Palnitska for her Art To Wear Aproximat label. Visit

Hair: Michelle Mathews Makeup: Me Models: Anastasia Pavlenko, Michelle Mathews, Michelle Wollenberg, Devin Lee Ostertag

MY Beauty Picks from the Smirnoff Master of the Mix Orlando

Last  week (Dec 17) I attended the Master of the Mix Viewing Party in Orlando sponsored by Smirnoff Vodka. I must say the event was AMAZING! Great people (so fashionable), great drinks (my fave was called "The Mixer") and not to mention great MUSIC!  The DJs that kept the crowd hyped were DJ Yonny (Master of The Mix Season Two Contestant, DJ at 92.3 NOW, New York City), Orlando's own Michael "M-Squared" McPherson  (Master of The Mix Season Two Contestant, Red bull Thre3style Global Finalist) and last but not least the infamous Kid Capri! Did I mention I had a blast? I was chosen as one of the bloggers to cover the event. I was scoping out the scene to pick 2 people who were my winners for makeup and hair. Check out my winners below:

Hair Winner

Her hair was so fabulous! Me being a natural girl myself her hair immediately caught my eye!  And not to mention.....look how adorable she is!

Makeup Winner

I absolutely loved her makeup! It was a subtle smokey eye with a bold lip! I would totally rock it!

Not familiar with Master of the Mix? Click here for more info.

What did you think of my picks?

Photos Courtesy of LechonKirb

MAC Metal-X Cream Eyeshadows

Photo via

MAC is re-releasing their Metal-X Cream Eyeshadows which I believe was originally released in 2007.  Now back in 2007 I was just a lover of makeup but I wasn't into the artistry part quite yet.  So as the average consumer I wanted these eyeshadows because I thought they were pretty!  These eyeshadows I remember were VERY creamy so therefore would cause a lot of creasing.  So I remember parking them and never really using them again because of that.  I personally think these have a better use for editorial looks such as cheeks, lips etc.  If you look at their ad the focus is really using it anywhere on the face.  The collection will have 9 shades total and is set to release Dec 26.


Now that this is being re-released it made me go and dig in my makeup collection to see if I still had the original ones.  Guess what? I did! The colors I have are a silver called Cyber and a Gold called Goldspice.  My Goldspice was more dried up then Cyber which I found interesting.  Anyway check out my pics and swatches of the colors.


Elf Palette vs Mac Palette


So if you have been following my youtube videos for awhile then you know I'm a huge fan of elf products.  Why? Because they have great price points and most of the products are great quality! In my makeup kit I have several of their brushes and products I use on my makeup gigs. I love how they have been getting innovative and constantly creating products to stay in the competition with the higher end brands.  For instance, although this compact has been out for awhile I only recently got the idea to compare it to the mac palette. The mac quad palette itsself retails for $7.  If you buy the eyeshadows in palette for they are $11 each or if you bought the regular price eyeshadows and depotted them then you're looking at $14.50 a pop.  Elf's palette is $1 and each of elf's individual eyeshadows are a $1 each and elf always has a sale so sometimes you can get them half off or buy one get one half off. So lets break down the numbers:

Mac: 7$ palette + $11 eyeshadows in palette form (4)= $51 or $7 palette + $14.50 eyeshadows, regular (4)= $65

ELF: $1 palette + $1 eyeshadows (4)= $5

There you have it folks! The #'s don't lie.  As I stated in the video, elf's color range for their palette eyeshadows are limited so even if you wanted to add your mac eyeshadows in there you're still saving yourself $7! I don't know about you but I love saving money. I could buy more makeup with that $7 I'm saving! Also I know inglot has eyeshadows in circular palette form as well but the inglot ones I own are square but I would think their eyshadow can fit in the elf one as well. On elf site you can customize the palette with blush and lipgloss as well as eyeshadow. Basically elf definitely needs to come out with larger palette because I will be all over it!

Order here: ELF

Sedona Lace Zippered Brush Belt Review



Instead of heading outside of my house with the crazies for Black Friday I stayed in my jammies and ordered online.  I basically ordered with makeup companies who I felt had the best deal. Sedona Lace was offering 25% off your order plus they had insane discounted prices on their site.  For instance, the zippered brush belt which normally retails at $19.95 was marked down to $8.95 plus with your order you received a free brush from the Vortex collection which was designed by youtube guru makeupbyrenren! I just HAD to buy SOMETHING! I definitely needed the brush belt because the elf one I had, my brushes were falling all over the place!

If you're a freelance makeup artist I definitely think this belt is a must have!  Even though I only played $8.95 for mine I would have definitely paid full price for it.  The one I had previously was from elf and costed about $15 (elf is always having sales so you may be able to get it cheaper) but the plastic material although great for cleaning purposes made the belt very stiff.  Not to mention there was no way to protect your brushes when they were not in use.  The soft faux leather material of the sedona one makes it more desirable.  I also feel like it is the perfect size.  It's big enough to hold a ton of brushes but small enough so it doesn't take up a lot of room in your makeup kit.  I highly reccommend it and now I am even considering buying the Vortex brush collection that goes with it which is also designed by makeupbyrenren.

Order here: Zippered Brush Belt

Hair: Twist out & FOTD(Face of the day)

I've been natural 4 years now and I have to say its been one crazy roller coaster but I definitely don't regret it. I've tried a bajillion products on the market but now I'm not so fussy about what goes in my hair. I've also attempted to do braid outs and twist outs in the past and has been a total fail! However my curls have been really boring me because I feel like I can't do anything besides well...wearing it curly. I really started thinking about when I was a little girl and when my mom would do my hair. It's the same concept except we aren't putting those colorful bubbled hair bows in our hair. She would wash it, section and detangle, and add hair grease. And my hair was moisturized and healthy. So I decided to give twist out another try and I must say...I'm in LOVE! I realized when I do my twist outs I need to do them in larger sections. I did a twist out using Blue Magic's Coconut Oil conditioner while detangling with my denman brush. The great thing about the twist out is that it stretches out my curls which I love. I also feel like my hair is more versatile to do some cool styles. Not to mention this is a great way to get me through the winter because my hairstyle will last me longer so I won't have to wash as often. It also is great to help in maintaining moisture in your hair which as you know as a natural moisture retention is difficult. I also slicked back the side of my hair thats growing in from me shaving it with Passion Fruit Curl Control Paste by Curls (review coming soon).

Also check out my FOTD(Face of the Day)...I kept it neutral:

Face: Mary Kay medium coverage and matte wear foundation

Cheeks: Cover Girl bronzer (Queen Collection)

Powder: Mary Kay mineral pressed powder

Eyes: Coastal Scents warm palette, Maybelline Voluminous Million lashes and Colossal lashes mascara

Concealer: Revlon Photoready

Lips: NYX Hot Cocoa lipliner, Revlon super lustrous lipgloss in peach petal, Milani lipgloss in Secret