The Makeup Show Orlando 2016


After a year hiatus The Makeup Show Orlando is back again at the Hyatt Regency Orlando 981 International Dr!  For a quick refresher on my experience from last year click here. So many new products launching at this show and so many deals you'll want to know about upfront.  Check out some of the discounts:

Scott Barnes Beauty: New Multi-Media Foundation will be for sale along with his other products 30% off!

Ricky's NYC: offering 25% off retail value

Dermaflage: Launching fastFX- the fastest and easiest way to create dimensional injuries  Emmy award winner Melissa Street will be doing tutorials and they are offering 40% off at the show.  I'm actually really intrigued by this brand because they are used by makeup artists and medical professionals.

Gleam by Melanie Mills: offering a show discount of 25% off.  I mean hello, who doesn't want to get their glow on?

Eve Pearl Beauty Brands: offering a show discount of 50% off

Norcosto Pro MUA: Offering buy one get one half-price on makeup palettes

Frends Beauty Supply: Featuring Stilazzi products and Frends makeup cases as well as Ben Nye, Viseart and more.  Discounts will be offered at levels higher than normal pro discounts.  Word on the street is they increased their booth size to bring more goodies!

The Lip Bar: Everything 2 for $30 featuring lipsticks and glosses.  I remember these ladies on Shark Tank!  Glad to see they are still pushing despite not getting the deal!

AJ Crimson:  Offering 30% off.  I am actually working his booth (C10) so make sure you stop by to say hello and to grab some of his amazing foundations and lipsticks!


Also something different they are doing this year is an exclusive Makeup Tour at Universal Studios. This is taking place on February 1.  Guest will join celebrity makeup artist James Vincent and Universal Studios' Michael Burnett for an exclusive tour of the park with some of the hottest makeup pros.   This includes full access to all of the rides and attractions at Universal Studios.  There are two options for purchase, 9am-7pm for $125 of half day ticket from 2pm-7pm for $78.  Guests can reserve their ticket with the purchase of The Makeup Show Orlando ticket or by emailing

So lots of new and exciting things this year!

For a complete list of the brands and schedule of events be sure to check out and also don't forget to purchase your ticket!

Naked Bar Soap Co BYOB Session

Lately my skin is having some issues and I feel like I haven't found the right skincare to remedy my situation.  When I got invited to attend a BYOB (Blend Your Own Bar) for Naked Bar Soap Co I immediately was thinking how awesome it would be for me to create my own face soap to cater to my own skin needs.  Naked Bar Soap Co is located in College Park and hasn't been open that long.  When you walk in the beautiful aromas of the different soaps immediately greet you when you walk in.  I love the earthy and minimalism decor of the store.

All of the soaps start with a base that they pre make before you get to personalize your own. They go over some additional ingredients that you can add in depending on the effect you would like your skin to have. In my custom blend I added marigold and ground oatmeal.  I chose marigold because they said it is good for mature skin and babies and I chose ground oatmeal because its good for sensitive skin.  The essential oil I added in my soap was lemongrass because I love the refreshing smell.


With this particular process they teach in the blending class it actually takes 6 weeks for the soap to cure before you can use it.  They said it will teach you a lesson in patience.  What they didn't know is I'm the most impatient person you will ever meet!  Anyway it was fun blending the soap but since I had to wait 6 weeks to use it, I wanted to see if they had any soaps already made that would help me out in the meantime.


Some of the awesome soaps! Aren't they pretty? They each have a description of the ingredients so you know exactly what you're getting


My skin is dehydrated because I don't drink nearly as much water as I should.  So I'm very dry in some areas and oily in others.  I decided to go with the triple butter soap.

As you can see it has very moisturizing ingredients and I have to say my skin LOVES it.  It has help me achieve smoother makeup application as well.  I found that my foundation kept settling in my fine lines due to the dryness my previous face wash was causing and even though I would follow up with a moisturizer it still wouldn't help.  The best part about this soap is that I can pronounce all of the ingredients so I know that it's something great for my skin.





So its been 6 weeks and I couldn't wait to see what's been cooking this whole time.  It smells amazing and I was surprised at how soft it was.  It was so soft I had no issues cutting it.  It feels super moisturizing and I can't wait to use it!

The best part about this company is that it is owned and run by 3 beautiful ladies and I'm all about girl power!  Make sure you check them out on facebook, instagram and twitter and sign up for a BYOB session!




* This was a press sample and all opinions are my own

Raw Orlando Mixology Event

I got the opportunity to attend this event which was the first time it has been done in Orlando.  It is currently in over 50 cities and now in Orlando. So what exactly is Raw Orlando? Watch this video and it sums it all up! [youtube]

Check out some of my pics!

I wish I could have taken more pics but my camera was not that cooperative (technology can be your worst enemy sometimes). But here is a small recap of some of the conversations I had with some of the artists:

Francis Prachthauser: I was particularly blown away by his pieces.  He makes jewelry and masks out of copper and bronze and they are FABULOUS! He even let me try on one of the masks! I asked him how long it would take him to make one of the masks and he said a couple hours. One of the designers Deanna actually used some of his pieces in her show! For more of Francis check out

Deanna Choinski: I was really blown away with her designs.  I chatted with her briefly and she was expressing to me her love with working with leather. She also told me she is a IADT (International Academy of Design and Technology) Detroit grad.  I asked if she uses patterns to create her pieces and she said very rarely because it would be counterproductive to the looks she likes to accomplish.  She simply uses a dressform to drape. For more info check her out

Parker Sketch: I loved his painting style! There was one piece in particular that caught my eye which was a crushed paint bucket with a Campbell's Soup can painted on it.  I asked what his inspiration was for it and he explained to me it was Andy Warhol inspired.

Nina Lopez: She was the hairstylist for Like a Pistol. She created Rockabilly hairstyles that were so fabulous! She is an Aveda grad and recently obtained her license last year.  I asked what she felt her specialty was and she said she absolutely loves cutting but she can do it all. Unfortunately my camera was being stupid so I didn't get any really good picture of her work.  I will have to wait until my fellow blogger Beauty by Cat posts her so make sure you check back!

Elle Quinn: If you love the Rockabilly Era then you would definitely love Like a Pistol.  You can even tell by looking at Elle that she embraces this era!  Some of her pieces are ones that she creates, others are some that she purchases. For more info check out Like a Pistol

Shannon Holt: A true painter in every sense! No matter the canvas (including your body) she's painting it! I asked her how long it took her to body paint the two lovely ladies that were walking around and she said she had been working off and on since 3pm adding more and more designs to them. Even some of the attendees went to her to get painted! For more info check her out Bombshell Body Art.

The event was awesome and I wanted to give a special thanks to Ashlie and Vanessa for having me!  There was music, a fashion show and so much more! It was a great way to network and meet other creative minds! This event was something very different from anything I've ever been to. If you missed this event don't worry because the next one is August 9 so mark your calendars! For more info on RAW

Premier Orlando 2012

If you aren't familiar with the Premier Orlando it is one of the largest expos for beauty professionals.  This includes, hair, skincare and nails with hundreds of vendors.  This is the best place to stock up on essentials for your kit as most of the products are at a discount.  There are also some educational workshops but some of the best in the industry that you are able to take. You really need to have a game plan when you attend because there is so much going on at one time!  This is my second time attending but I was only able to go to one day for a couple of hours.  Last year I almost lost my mind and bought a lot of unnecessary things for my makeup kit.  Things that are still perfectly packaged and untouched!  So this year I was only buying things I actually needed. I also got the opportunity to take a class by the amazing James Vincent titled "Kit and Makeup Brushes 101".  He basically just went over how to minimize your kit but maximize your results! He made me realize I really need to consolidate my kit.  His was so small but yet so effective! I really learned a lot! I wanted to take Danessa Myrick's class but I wasn't able to such I just peeped in really quick.  I also got to see Derek J from Real Houswives of Atlanta and Hair Battle Spectacular, Tabatha Coffey from Tabatha's Salon Takeover.

While there I met up with Kim, Brittany, Courtney, Cristina and Safia! I only bought a couple brushes, disposable lip and mascara wands from Crown Brush and a Steel Palette from Nigels Beauty Emporium. I did good!  If you have never been to Premier is definitely worth checking out next year!