Jolie Bloom Review

I am always on a hunt for awesome skincare products.  I mean who doesn't want flawless skin?  After all my skin is my money maker in my industry.  As a makeup artist we always preach that a great makeup application starts with the care of your skin. So  let me introduce you to Jolie Bloom.  All of their products are handmade with  natural ingredients.  I'm such a sucker for natural skin care products.  There is something comforting in using products that have ingredients you can pronounce.

They recently had their 2 year anniversary sale and this was the perfect time for me to give them a shot.  Not to mention I had the opportunity to do the owner Jheanells' makeup for her rebranding website.  If you follow her snapchat she always posts behind the scenes videos of her whipping up the products right here in Orlando to fulfill orders.  Also you will see her husband placing labels and packing orders to ship with the assistance of their 3 year old son! I love knowing that when I make a purchase that I am directly supporting a family who makes each product with love!

Now on to the products! The 2 products I picked up was the Wake up Scrub for exfoliation and their Summer Time Shine essential oil body lotion.  I was a little bit concerned that the coffee smell would be too overbearing for me but it wasn't at all.  After you use this product your skin feels amazingly smooth!  You don't even need a moisturizer!  Also, typically I don't like to use oils on my skin but if you do your research oils are very beneficial to your skin. The Summer Time Shine is a good balance of lotion and oil.  I particularly use this as a moisturizer for my face and you really don't need a lot because a little bit goes a long way.  Literally my skin drinks this stuff up.  Also sometimes when I pour a too much out I just rub the rest all over my body.

Also something special to know ahout this company is that Jheanell started this company 2 years ago in memory of her daughter.  I think it is amazing that she was able to turn something very deastating into something positive.  She has an amazing story and I'm sure there are many women that can relate.

These products are amazing and if you are interested definitely check out the website for more at and instagram @JolieBloom





***Products were purchased with my own money and opinions are all my own

Naked Bar Soap Co BYOB Session

Lately my skin is having some issues and I feel like I haven't found the right skincare to remedy my situation.  When I got invited to attend a BYOB (Blend Your Own Bar) for Naked Bar Soap Co I immediately was thinking how awesome it would be for me to create my own face soap to cater to my own skin needs.  Naked Bar Soap Co is located in College Park and hasn't been open that long.  When you walk in the beautiful aromas of the different soaps immediately greet you when you walk in.  I love the earthy and minimalism decor of the store.

All of the soaps start with a base that they pre make before you get to personalize your own. They go over some additional ingredients that you can add in depending on the effect you would like your skin to have. In my custom blend I added marigold and ground oatmeal.  I chose marigold because they said it is good for mature skin and babies and I chose ground oatmeal because its good for sensitive skin.  The essential oil I added in my soap was lemongrass because I love the refreshing smell.


With this particular process they teach in the blending class it actually takes 6 weeks for the soap to cure before you can use it.  They said it will teach you a lesson in patience.  What they didn't know is I'm the most impatient person you will ever meet!  Anyway it was fun blending the soap but since I had to wait 6 weeks to use it, I wanted to see if they had any soaps already made that would help me out in the meantime.


Some of the awesome soaps! Aren't they pretty? They each have a description of the ingredients so you know exactly what you're getting


My skin is dehydrated because I don't drink nearly as much water as I should.  So I'm very dry in some areas and oily in others.  I decided to go with the triple butter soap.

As you can see it has very moisturizing ingredients and I have to say my skin LOVES it.  It has help me achieve smoother makeup application as well.  I found that my foundation kept settling in my fine lines due to the dryness my previous face wash was causing and even though I would follow up with a moisturizer it still wouldn't help.  The best part about this soap is that I can pronounce all of the ingredients so I know that it's something great for my skin.





So its been 6 weeks and I couldn't wait to see what's been cooking this whole time.  It smells amazing and I was surprised at how soft it was.  It was so soft I had no issues cutting it.  It feels super moisturizing and I can't wait to use it!

The best part about this company is that it is owned and run by 3 beautiful ladies and I'm all about girl power!  Make sure you check them out on facebook, instagram and twitter and sign up for a BYOB session!




* This was a press sample and all opinions are my own

Frownies Product Review

[youtube] I couldn't notice the results because I don't have wrinkles yet (I hope I never get them).  But if I did have wrinkles I would try options like this that aren't as scary or expensive as having a procedure such as botox. What about you? Are you the type that would rather spend the money to get a procedure and get instant gratification?  They have lots of other products that address issues such as stretch marks, scars, crows feet and etc. Make sure you check out their website to see all of their options!



*These products were provided for my honest review.

Beautiful Textures Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner Review

When you're a natural girl you know how absolutely difficult it is to retain moisture and battle obnoxiously tangled hair.  I recently came across this new product line called Beautiful Textures that is supposed to help us with all our hair woes.  This line contains a total of 7 products: Curl Control Defining Pudding, Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner, Moisture Butter Whipped Curl Creme, Tangle Taming Leave in Conditioner, Tangle Taming Shampoo, Shine & Silken, and Curl to Straight.  I have personally tried 2 out of the 7 products but I am only reviewing 1 on this post as I am still forming an opinion on the other (Tangle Taming Leave in Conditioner).

Let me just say this, the Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner is amazing!  Prior to using this I was using Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner for my deep conditioning treatments.  However, the Organic Root Stimulator contains 12.25 oz and the Rapid Repair contains 15oz.  While I still think its amazing, Beautiful Textures is cheaper and works just as good!  Some of the ingredients are aloe vera, coconut, olive, soy, argan oil, shea and mango butter.  Now if you're one of those naturals that like to use products that are 100% natural ingredients then this is not for you.  It has some great natural ingredients but it also contains some of those big long hard to pronounce words too!  Me personally, If it works then I'm not a big stickler for the ingredients.

What I love about it is that not only does it do a great job at moisturizing my hair but it does a great job at detangling my hair.  My hair is so soft and slippery when I'm rinsing it out that the tangles just slip right out. An added bonus about the line is that the products are created for you to mix and match.  For instance, if you want added detangling you can mix the Tangle Taming Leave in Conditioner with the Rapid Repair Conditioner.  Let me just add that each product is under $7 and available at your local Sallys! I'm definitely going to try out a couple more of the products so stay tuned!

For more info check them out at